मराठी कट्टा जर्मनी

|| माय मराठी आमुच्या ध्यानी मनी ||

Marathi Katta Germany e.V is a non-profit organization serving Marathi/Maharashtrian community living in Germany for many years. Our mission is to promote cultural ties among people interested in Maharashtrian culture from various parts of the world.

Representing Maharashtrian Culture Across Germany

Marathi Katta Germany is a leading community that is bringing the performers across europe together and providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. Through Marathi Katta, every year different Marathi and Indian Art Forms, e.g. Lavani, Ekankika, Bhaavgeet, Yoga, Marathi Culinary Talent are performed in popular Events not just in Frankfurt but across Germany.

A Platform For Best Indian Talent

Every year, Marathi Katta brings some of the best performers from Maharashtra and gives them platform in front of European audience. In last years, Marathi Katta Germany has hosted events for stalwarts such as Shri Anand Bhate, Shreedhar Phadke, Sudhir Gadgil, Mohan Agashe, Nagraj Manjule as well as the young talent from Marathi Industry e.g. Mrunmayee Deshpande, Suyash Tilak, Abhijit Khandkekar to name a few.

कट्टा शाळा : A Perfect Place For Your Kids To Learn Marathi

In 2019, Marathi Katta Germany has started with the new Initiative मराठी कट्टा शाळा. Frankfurt City authorities have not only appreciated the efforts of Marathi Katta School, but have also provided us a classroom in a prestigious school campus in the heart of the city. For more information, contact our school team at school@marathikattagermany.com

मराठी कट्टा चित्रपटगृह : One Stop Shop For Marathi Movies In Germany

Marathi Katta Germany is committed to help spread the Marathi Movies in its own capacity. Under this vision, Marathi Katta Germany has screened more than 20 Marathi Movies in Germany, in last couple of years. This includes big budget commerical films such as Sairat, Thackeray, Gulabjam etc. as well as award winning documentaries, niche, indie, or parallel Marathi cinema such as UdaharanarthNemade, Kasav etc. Marathi Katta Germany has also been a bridge between Marathi Cinema and a wider European audience, helping Marathi Cine Industry reach the horizans of European movie goers.